A few days ago, my mother and I went shopping for some shoes and some makeup. After buying a bunch of shoes, we went to the makeup shop that had high end brands and luxury brands. I went to the Make Up Forever counter since it is my favourite brand for high end makeup.

I needed a new primer, so the woman standing helped me choose out a primer. I decided on the HD Microperfecting Primer in the number zero. I tried it out on my hand and it felt very soft and delicate. The bottle also had a pump which was easier to use and handle the product with.

I also needed a new blush, but I wanted a cream blush instead of a powder blush. I decided on a very different and unusual colour for a blush. As I swatched it on my hands it felt very buttery and smooth, and it seemed easy to blend.

Then, I moved to the lipsticks which were displayed on the side, and the woman helped me pick out a beautiful purple colour that had a very creamy texture and had a soft sheen to it. I also chose a lip liner to match the lipstick colour. The lip liner was not retractable though.

I also picked out a retractable concealer as an impulse buy for my mother!

When I got home, I tried the primer on one side of my face and left the other untouched because I wanted to notice the difference. The difference it made to my face was very unexpected! The primer was a thin consistency, and it was smooth and soft on my face. It also minimised my pores and allowed the foundation to apply much better on the skin. It also allowed my makeup to stay on longer. However, it did have a slight scent of baby wipes which didn’t irritate me but might annoy others. I was very impressed with the primer.

The MAKE UP FOR EVER ‘HD Cream Blush’ had a bit of coral and orange tones underneath, even though it came off as a soft brownish-orangish colour. I liked the creamy texture of it, it was easy to blend on the cheeks, and it lasted long. But if you have fair/medium/fair to medium skin tones, this colour would look a bit more bronzier than coral on you. However, it gives a great effect of ‘I just came off from vacation on an island’ kind of look!

The MAKE UP FOR EVER ‘Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick’ and the ‘Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil’ came out a bit more plum than purple as shown in the product. The lip liner did stay on very well, but the lipstick did not stay on as much since it was not matte. It did have a good wear on the lips, but faded a bit later on. But the lipstick was not dry at all, and the lip liner glided on very easily!

Finally, the MAKE UP FOR EVER ‘HD Invisible Cover Concealer’ was something I bought for my mother. The texture was also creamy but it did not seem like the concealer was full coverage or suitable for people with dark under eye circles. My mother is a bit darker than me in skin tones so the shade was perfect for her. The coverage was good, not excellent since the concealer was a bit transparent as you can see in the swatch down below. Nevertheless, it is a good concealer for everyday use or for hiding blemishes, but not for highlighting or for full coverage for dark circles.

Downside: The ‘HD Microperfecting Primer’ in the number zero, had a bit of a baby wipes scent to it which might annoy some. The ‘HD Cream Blush’ is a bit too dark or bronze for fair or medium skin tones which some might not like as a blush colour. The ‘Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick’ and the ‘Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil’ both came out a bit more plum than purple, and the lip liner was not retractable. Finally, the ‘HD Invisible Cover Concealer’ was not so full coverage.

From left to right: Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil in 10C, Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N28, HD Invisible Cover Concealer in 330, HD Cream Blush in 415, and the HD Microperfecting Primer in 0.



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