I HAVE NO WORDS. Okay, no not true, I actually do or otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post now.

But I mean, the lipstick that I bought the other day has kind of made me speechless, which never happens because I speak a lot. A lot.

Anyway, I have been eyeing a really dark lipstick these past few months but I couldn’t find any in the drugstore and I am a university student so I am living on a budget. I looked through my makeup again a few days ago, trying to see if I could maybe mix a few lipstick colours together or try to find a really dark lipstick, anything to justify not paying the price of high end makeup.

But after I found that the lipsticks were not as dark as I wanted, I told myself “Okay, it’s time to pay.”

I went to the MAC Cosmetics counter, which I have done plenty of times before. But what I have never done was walk out of the store with a bag in hand. My mother has bought a bunch of MAC products many times before but I could never really use them since she does have a darker skin tone than me.

I was ecstatic that I was buying a high end product for myself, especially since I have never owned any MAC lipsticks before but I thought it’s time I do. I decided on a very dark berry lipstick with red and brown undertones. The lipstick is called ‘Living Legend’. To be honest, I did want to try out ‘Velvet Teddy’ first of all but they were out of stock with it. Again. So I moved on to dark lipsticks since dark lips are my absolute favourite.

MAC lipsticks are triple the amount where I live so I thought to myself that the price better have been worth it. And it was! I was glad that I hadn’t paid for a lipstick texture and formula that I could find in the drugstore.

The lipstick was a matte formula, and it was not drying on the lips. It wasn’t extremely moisturising but it wasn’t a product that was uncomfortable on the lips at all. It was very long wearing as well, and it gave a kind of stain on the lips after a few hours of wear. However, I think that before applying this certain type of lipstick it is best to exfoliate and hydrate the lips so that it doesn’t seep into the cracks on the lips. The lipstick also had a certain kind of vanilla scent to it but it wasn’t uncomfortable for me at all.

Overall, I was really happy I got to try a MAC lipstick and for the price, the creamy texture and consistency was worth it. I will definitely be going back and buying some more matte lipsticks since matte is my favourite! Leave some suggestions of matte lipstick colours from MAC in the comments down below!

Downside: The lipstick can seep into the cracks of the lips if not properly exfoliated and moisturised before application. The lipstick also has a certain vanilla scent to it which might irritate some.

Swatch of MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in ‘Living Legend’ with flash
Swatch of MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in ‘Living Legend’ without flash


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