Hey everyone!

So a few days ago, I posted the Liebster Award post that I was nominated for, but before that I hadn’t posted for almost a week and a half. The reason why was that I just had started a new semester in university and there were a lot of papers to give in, so the first few days were hectic. Also, I was extremely sick! I am feeling much better now, still on the sick side but at least I can breathe now.

But I just wanted to give you guys an update as to why I hadn’t posted for a long time. I missed writing!

Anyway, I also wanted to write this post to tell you about a YouTuber named Sally Jo. She’s from New Zealand, and a recent university graduate. Now her accent might be a bit difficult for some to understand, but it’s pretty obvious what she’s talking about. I’m writing about her because she is a really fun and awesome YouTuber! She isn’t really popular or really well known, so maybe you guys could check her out?

Just so you know, this post wasn’t planned or anything, Sally Jo doesn’t even know who I am! But I’ve been loving her videos even more, and I thought you guys would too!

I’m gonna try to upload another blog post tomorrow or Monday.

Until then, have a lovely weekend everyone!

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