Hey everyone!

So, I was looking through all of my books (and I have a lot of books!), and then I found this old book that I have read many times before.

The book is called ‘Carolina Moon’ by Nora Roberts. I’ve always liked Nora Roberts’ books and her style of writing. I remember when I first bought this book, I read the blurb (back of the book) which I do before buying any book. It seemed very mysterious but also engaging. The illustration cover also made the story seem eerie.

While reading the first few chapters, I felt very attracted towards the book in a sense that I couldn’t put the book down! And I love stories that make you feel like that, especially while reading the first few chapters. I find that the first two chapters in books are very important in setting the mood and the plot, and attracting people’s attentions. This book is also a type of book that can be read anywhere.

The story talks about two different families that grew up very oppositely. Two of the girls from the families were best friends, and one of them was killed. The story then shows the perspective after many years of what happened to the girl and the other girl’s family. It also shows flashbacks, and talks about one of the girl’s abusive past.

I love this book so much! It is one of the best books from Nora Roberts in my opinion, and one of my favourite books to pick up and read anytime.



  1. I should really check this out! I’m always on the hunt for a new book (literally, I’m like a tiger searching for its prey O_o) Anway, thanks for sharing this book with us! I really love your blog 🙂


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