Hey everyone!

So since I love, love, looove reading, I thought I would do these type of posts listed as ‘To read or not to read?

I have read so many books, and would love to continue to do so. Therefore, I thought I would recommend reading to many people, and let them know my comments and suggestions on books. I read many different genres which include but aren’t limited to, romance, thriller, nonfiction, etc. In my opinion, many people who don’t read much or who haven’t read a complete book, should. Reading helps with so many things, such as:

  1. Communication skills – I remember I started reading when I was four, I would read anything and everything. Billboards, subtitles, menus, notices, books, anything and everything you could possibly read. I still continue to do so, and I have noticed the difference according to my sister. My sister isn’t a reader, she used to read a few books when she was much younger, but now not so much. We both are Australian but we have different communication skills. I seem to write, read, and speak much better than her (formally or not). Therefore, reading would be extremely helpful especially for those who don’t speak English as their first language.
  2. For fun – Reading is really a fun thing to do. Yes, reading a whole book can be boring compared to watching a movie or playing on your phone, but imagine for just one minute that you didn’t have any phone, TV, or any other resource to pass time. The only thing you had available were books and books. Go ahead and pick up a book and read it! I also think that it depends on your preferences. What I mean is, if you like reading fantasies, pick a book and read it. If you like reading about history, pick a book and read it. Pick whatever piques your interest and read it. Whether it has 500 pages or 10 pages, start somewhere. You will slowly start to notice that a book will probably be travelling everywhere with you.
  3. Creativity & imagination – Every time I read a book, I slowly imagine myself within the book. I imagine myself as the character, and within the setting. Because of that, my creative and imaginative skills increased and excelled. Reading opens your mind to so many things and helps aid you with intelligence as well. You start thinking and feeling things you probably never did before.
  4. The feels – Yes, reading can make you very emotional. It can make you feel positive, negative, or neutral emotions. That probably sucks for some, but can be a great advantage for others. When I read a book, and I love it so much that I literally fall in love with the book, I feel like I form a relationship with the book. When the book is over and finished, it feels like my relationship with the book is done. Yes, very very dramatic and drastic, but it’s true. I cry when series are over, or when one of the characters is hurt, or anything like that.

Finally, a few points to remember: Reading takes you to a whole other level, and sometimes helps you forget whatever position or problem you are in because you are so focused on someone else’s story. I read anytime, but sometimes when I have a problem I do read to avoid this problem and avoid thinking of this problem. It is very unhealthy to avoid problems, but just thinking of something else for a few hours is helpful. So if any of you would like that, go ahead and read a book. The second point is that sometimes after a person reads a certain book and doesn’t like it, they can kind of stop reading entirely. They had a bad experience with the book because it didn’t pique their interest, so they blame it on all the books. But trust me, when you choose something you like, you will constantly continue to read books.

Not many people read any more, and that makes me feel like crap. Reading is so helpful that some people don’t even know it anymore. They would prefer to entertain themselves with other things like shopping and Instagram, and all that. I do that too, I love social media and shopping and any other form of entertainment like that. But just give yourself one hour a day, and read a few pages from a book. Just trust me.

This is all I have to say I guess, and this will be a regular post. Leave me any book recommendations down below, like I said I read everything and anything.

Until next time,



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