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Hey everyone!

So this is a new series post I’m going to be writing about! I am thrilled.

If you’ve noticed, I have a book post series called ‘To Read or Not to Read?’ which includes my book recommendations and reviews. This post is quite similar, but instead it will feature music, my music recommendations and reviews, etc.

You see, I think that music is a great thing ever made. Music can speak to someone’s soul, can brighten their day, or even help in a certain problem. Music has always been there for people, and always will be. It can even save someone’s life.

—-> HEADS UP: My music taste is very controversial, and might be hard to keep up with since I love a ton of different music genres.

I will start this post with a few songs I have been loving, in random order:

  1. Stolen Dance by Milky Chance: A throwback, I know! I love a bunch of Milky Chance’s songs, but this song stuck with me. Its beat, its tune, its lyrics, and the incredibly enticing voice, all sum it up for me. It is quite a slow song but with a catchy tune. Its genre could be described as psychedelic folk.
  2. Divine Sorrow by Wyclef Jean & Avicii: This is quite a new song, and a very type of ‘summerish’ song. You know those songs that make you feel like you’re in Hawaii or somewhere tropical, relaxing? Yeah this song does that to me. It’s lyrics are beautiful, and Wyclef Jean’s voice is amazing. Avicii, as always, has outdone himself, I love Avicii! Give this song a try, though. Its genre could be described as reggae fusion, or house music.
  3. Company by Drake: I am loving Drake’s new album! I have always liked Drake’s songs, but these new songs are really great. The song ‘Company’ has some interesting lyrics. But I’m not afraid to turn this song up and listen to it. It’s pretty catchy as well, and stuck out to me the most out of all his songs in the new album. The genre would be described as rap or R&B.

Until next time,

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