Hey everyone! As you can all tell by the title, I will be writing and telling you guys a few little facts about me. They are going to be pretty random, and maybe not too personal. Nevertheless, it will help you get to know me more.

  1. I have two parrots and one bird.
  2. I used to have a dog but he died, and I had another dog that was stolen.
  3. I am aiming to get 500 followers on my blog by the end of 2015. Too much, maybe? But I believe I can do it!
  4. I have one sister and one brother.
  5. I speak five languages, and want to learn to speak even more languages.
  6. If it wasn’t for chicken, I would most probably have been a vegetarian right now (I don’t really like/eat meat, but chicken? Yeah I can’t resist chicken!).
  7. I love to draw and paint.
  8. I hate gyms. I prefer soccer, tennis, hiking, dancing, walking or anything like that for sports.
  9. My favourite colour is always either black or dark maroon.
  10. I have green eyes.
  11. I love cooking, and I love watching cooking channels/shows.
  12. I prefer salty snacks over sweet snacks.
  13. I am addicted to chips.
  14. I want to travel the whole world.
  15. One of my favourite actresses is Emma Stone.
  16. I have a HTC phone.
  17. I love perfume and I love buying luxurious perfumes.
  18. I love, love, looove seafood.
  19. I own so many pairs of shoes.
  20. I want to get a bunch of meaningful and symbolic tattoos on my body (hopefully getting one very soon!)

And that’s it! I hope you guys feel like you know a bit more about me. Maybe some of you can even relate with me! Let me know in the comments below a few facts about you!

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Instagram & Twitter: thebeautydorkk

Until next time,


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