Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you all a few products that have been working great for me! Both are from MAKE UP FOREVER; the Ink Liner Matte Liquid Liner & the Brow Seal.

  1. To begin with, the Ink Liner Matte Liquid Liner is a great liner for beginners! I absolutely suck at winged liner and for some reason liquid liner doesn’t work for me as much as it does for others. It first applies glossy but dries matte in an instant. It is not transferrable and even if you sweat, it won’t come off. It isn’t water proof, but close. It’s application tip is stiff but lenient as well. I mostly use this product when I’m going out at night or going out clubbing because it works wonders!
  2. Second of all, the MAKE UP FOREVER Brow Seal is a clear brow gel. I don’t really have much of a brow routine since I like my thick brows as they are, but I do like to shade a bit to keep all the hairs even on each side, and I like to seal it with this brow seal. It isn’t sticky, and doesn’t make your eyebrows feel stiff or rigid like plastic. Rather, it keeps them feeling soft, and the hairs stay in place, feeling and looking like your own. Once it is applied, it feels like water, but then it dries quickly.

I know that both products are pretty pricey, but so far I haven’t found any dupes for them! They work great for me, so why not check them out? Maybe they will work great for you too! Keep me updated if you decide to check them out or even purchase one or both of them.

Both swatches are the MAKE UP FOREVER Ink Liner Matte Liquid Liner. As you can see, they look very matte as if they drawn by coal. Also, you can perform a thin or thick line very easily.

Leave me any suggestions of MAKE UP FOREVER products I should try!

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