Taken from http://www.joysdelights.com.au

Hey everyone!

—-> First off, I want to thank everyone for 100 followers on this blog. I never thought I would reach a 100! Second of all, I want to apologize for constantly changing my blog theme.

After watching makeupbymichaelfinch‘s video on YouTube about trying out some American candy that was provided by Joy’s De’Lights, I thought to myself: Why not check out this website?

I was so glad I did check it out! The shop is based in Australia, and sends out any type of candy and chocolate ranging from American candy to British to Japanese candy, even! I don’t think I have ever found a website that sends out all three at once. You can purchase any chocolate or candy that you would like, for extremely low and considerate prices.

However, the only thing that is such a shame is that they only ship to Australia. Oh, how I wished they shipped elsewhere!

Because they only ship to Australia, I was not able to purchase some chocolate and candy. Therefore, I cannot write a review about their shipping. And I can’t lie and say their shipping is great if I know nothing about it, right? I am always 100% honest with you guys, and always plan to be.

Maybe I will try to purchase a few things later on, since I do have an active Australian address…Hmm…I might just act on that!

For now, I leave you guys with this short review about this website. They also do have an Instagram page, all information is on their website.

The website is: joysdelights.com.au

Let me know about your favourite American/British/Japanese candy that you’ve ever tried!

Until next time,

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