Hey everyone!

This is my second post for the series that I have created. This series is where I tell you some of my current favourite songs.

Let’s get started:

  1. Hold Back The River by James Bay: I’m not really into this type of music genre, but for some reason this song stuck out to me. His voice, the lyrics, the tune. All were addictive and seemed different. The song really gives me a kind of ‘sense of hope’.
  2. Zombie by Maitre Gims: This is a French song, but it is such a catchy and easy-to-understand song. The song is slow with a bit of beat. The song also seems a sad song, but the moral of the song is not to lose hope and to be free.
  3. It Was Always You by Maroon 5: I love, love Maroon 5! And I loved this song too! It’s so catchy, and the lyrics are really good too. I always find myself switching to this song and singing my heart out to it.
  4. Lean On by MO, Major Lazer & DJ Snake: MO is a new group of singers, made up of three girls. Their voices are so beautiful! This song is even more beautiful. I really like the song’s beats and tunes. 
  5. The Nights by Avicii: Avicii is one of those artists where whatever song they put out, you just know it’s going to be good. At least in my opinion, that is. This song’s lyrics are absolutely terrific! The song reminds me of ‘Wake Me Up’ or ‘Hey Brother’. This is a must listen-to.
  6. Shotgun by Yellow Claw ft. Rochelle: First off, let me just say, what the?! Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about this song? I never even hear it on the radio! Go and listen to this song. This song’s beat, the girl’s voice, unbelievable. This song gives you such power and energy. I love this song. Do yourself a favour and listen to this song. Even if it’s not your favourite type of genre, try listening it till the end, and listen to it a couple of times. Maybe then, you will love it just as much as I do.

These were my song recommendations for now! Don’t worry, there’s lots more to come. There is going to be a huge variety of genres and songs in these series, as I do love listening to many different types.

Let me know what your favourite songs are!

Until next time,


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