Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely day/night.

Once again, I can’t believe we are done with May. Actually, I can believe we are done with May, but I can’t believe how time is flying by so fast. I seem to notice how time passes by faster when I post these favourites. It also flies by fast when I look back on the days!

To begin with,

  1. Beats by Dr. Dre Speakers Beats Pill 2.0: So I’ve always had my eye on this Beats speaker, and a few months ago my mum bought it for me! I never knew how she knew I wanted this, I never spoke about it in front of her, and neither did my brother nor sister. These speakers are great! The sound quality is really good and loud, and it’s portable which is even better. The only downside is it loses battery charge really fast so I have to constantly charge it. Price: Approximately 250,000 LBP
  2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: You can read my full review of this concealer here. I have been using this concealer nonstop this past month! Whether I wanna highlight or simply conceal, this does the trick for me. I have the absolute worst under eyes as they are dry and dark. I always set this concealer with a powder, otherwise it will crease under my eyes. I also have been using this for a simple everyday highlight on my cheeks. It makes me look so glowy! My guy friend the other day (note: he never, ever gives compliments about makeup because he doesn’t understand a thing about it), even said that I look so glowy and dewy. He even asked me, “Are you pregnant?” and “Did you have sex?” Price: Approximately 16,000 LBP
  3. Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick: You can read my full review of this lipstick here. This is a product that I have been using nonstop too. Even my sister, who doesn’t necessarily like nudes or dark nudes, has been using this product! I have been using this lipstick day and night. Price: Approximately 24,000 LBP
  4. MAKE UP FOREVER Matte Ink Liner: You can read my full review of this ink liner here. This ink liner is something I have been using every single time I go out at night. Whether I am going out for a few drinks or just going to watch a movie, this ink liner has been the perfect liner for me. I love how matte it is! Price: Approximately 45,000 LBP
  5. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in ‘Cherry Me 015’: This lip balm is more of a hydrating lip balm; it is not really a smoothing lip balm or a lip balm that helps fix problematic lips. I have been using this lip balm when I wanna go for a ‘no makeup, makeup’ look, when I don’t feel like using any lipstick or I don’t wanna put any makeup on, or even if I am going out somewhere for a few errands or two. The colour is very subtle and is very beautiful on the lips as it does give a subtle shine too. Price: Approximately 2,000 LBP

6. Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer: I love this lip moisturizer! It is one of the perfect lip balms for me, personally. I have so many lip balms, and I have to constantly apply a lip moisturizer because my lips are always so dry. This is a really great lip moisturizer for the feel of hydrated lips, for the feel of smooth and error free lips. It also has SPF 20, which is great for the coming summer! Price: Approximately 4,000 LBP

What were your May favourites? Let me know down in the comments!

—-> I have written the approximate price of everything I have bought, in LBP (Lebanese currency), for my fellow Lebanese readers/bloggers/followers/viewers. If you would like to know and understand more of why I did this, you can read my post here.

Until next time,


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