Hey everyone!

Many of you may have heard of Bassam Fattouh, a makeup artist mostly famous for doing Haifa Wehbe’s makeup. Bassam Fattouh is also a Lebanese makeup artist.

Many months ago, I decided to go and buy a few products of his and check them out for myself. Bassam Fattouh was the hype, a few months back.

I didn’t know what to buy, so I decided on a concealer and an illuminator, which is what I needed the most.

  1. Fits All Concealer in ‘Light Beige’: This concealer is a concealer made to match many different skin tones. It claims to have a yellow undertone, and is best for olive skin tones. It also claims that it hides any blemishes, wrinkles, or dark circles. After trying this product, I can say that it does have a yellow undertone, but it does not hide dark circles or wrinkles. It is good for hiding blemishes, though. However, I don’t think a concealer that matches all skin tones is best. Price: Approximately 51,000 LBP
  2. Backlighting Illuminator in ‘Bride’s Way’: This is an illluminator that claims to dazzle on its own as a highlighter, or glows underneath your foundation. When I tried it out, I loved it! This is one of my all time favourite highlighters/illuminators. It does have a bit of glimmer in it, but it is so hydrating on the skin, and so creamy and blendable. It is great when mixed with foundations too. A few drops is all that is needed. It gives a nice golden glow, as well. Price: Approximately 91,000 LBP

The packaging is so cute too! The packaging reminds me a bit of Too Faced Cosmetics’ packaging.

On the left side: Backlighting in 'Bride's Way', blended. On the right side: Fits All Concealer in 'Light Beige'.
On the left side: Backlighting in ‘Bride’s Way’, blended.
On the right side: Fits All Concealer in ‘Light Beige’.

—-> You can find and purchase these products, and more here.

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