Hey everyone!

I hope you’re having a lovely day/night.

I finally finished my final exams last week and I am so glad. I can blog properly again! I’ve missed blogging. I am taking summer classes, but it’s just for a month and a half, so that’s not such a big deal, right?

Since I moved to Lebanon, which was approximately ten years ago, I have learnt so many things that are quite different than Australia and almost seem ‘foreign’ to me:

  1. You can never say you’re full until you’ve eaten the whole table (mezza and main dishes).
  2. Your grandma will always see you getting skinnier so she always makes you food, even though you probably swear you are gaining weight (probably from all the food you eat!).
  3. Most people are always going to talk about you, positively or negatively.
  4. You’re always going to encounter a hole on the road, small or big.
  5. Someone in your family or relatives is always going to want you to marry young.
  6. Someone in your family or relatives is also always going to want you to meet someone they know.
  7. When someone is offering you food or drinks at their house, it’s rude not to take anything.
  8. You have to say no twice, and then the third time say yes and agree, to take the food or drinks that the person offers you in their house.
  9. No matter how foreign and ‘unLebanese’ you are, you’re always secretly going to love that one Arabic song that makes you feel like turning up the volume so high, and start dancing, in the car.
  10. Some Lebanese people imitate Americans too much, sometimes you can actually realize how fake it is.
  11. No matter how big Lebanon is, it’s still extremely small.
  12. Everyone knows everyone, whether it’s your ex-boyfriend or your grandfather’s best friend’s uncle’s friend.
  13. When they see someone, it’s as if it’s the first time they see them. They constantly ask them questions.
  14. Oh and another thing, Lebanese people love asking questions. They love knowing details and personal things.
  15. When someone calls you on the house phone, they ask you “Are you home?”
  16. Car honking is another language in Lebanon; if you honk once, “move ya khayye (move, bro)”, two honks, “come on, move a******”, and a really long honk that doesn’t stop is translated as 50 curse words that probably make no sense.
  17. Panadol is the cure for everything. Fever? Take panadol. Leg hurts? Take panadol. On the verge of dying? Take panadol.
  18. Every family is from a village in Lebanon, but don’t always live in their village.
  19. In order to get married, the parents from each side should meet and then the groom must ask permission from the parents of the bride to be. Then, they can get engaged and follow through the process of marrying.
  20. Olive oil is used in everything, on everything, and with everything. Lebanese people swear it’s the cure for heart problems.

I know that there a bunch more things I’ve learnt about Lebanon since moving, but these are just a few I thought I’d share!

—-> Please notice I have said ‘some Lebanese people’, because not every family is the same, and not every person acts the same. This was also written without offence intended to anyone.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

Until next time,


      1. Yes I agree 🙂 I’m there right now, I can literally see the Lebanese border from my house! Strange to think we’re so close xx


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