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Since summer has already approached some of us (others might be in the winter season), I thought I’d review this self-tan bronzer I got many months ago from Lancome.

The product is a liquid consistency that comes out from a squeezy tube. It is a product used for achieving a very easy and quick bronzed look. This washes off in the shower, though. This product is not used to ‘tan’ your body, it is used only to achieve a tanned look for the day or night. For example, your legs are looking a little too white or pale, and you’re wearing a short dress. You want some nice sun kissed and bronzed legs. You can apply this on your legs and voila!

This product can also be used in the winter times. It can be used whenever you feel like a bit of a bronze glow on any part of your body!

I always use this, even if I’m bronzed, for a bit of a glow. I like to apply it on my legs, and then apply a highlighter on the centre of the leg to achieve longer and bronzier legs.

This type of bronzer lotion is a lotion that can get darker, with every layer you put. It is quite streaky if you do not blend it properly. It does not stain or transfer onto anything, which is a huge plus. However, it does smell quite chemical with a hint of vanilla. After applying and after drying, the smell isn’t there anymore.

I like to apply it after I have completed moisturising my body. Make sure that your body isn’t wet when you are applying, or otherwise the lotion will transfer.

Price: Approximately 70,000 LBP

My arm before any Lancome Self Tan Bronzer Lotion was applied. (My arm isn’t that weird looking in reality, it was just the pose and the way it was located).
After applying the Lancome Self Tan Bronzer Lotion. (One application was used).

What I also like about this product is that it contains quite a lot of product in the tube. You do not need so much for bronzing to squeeze out, which is great considering the price. It is a very blendable lotion.

Let me know what your favourite bronzing lotion or self-tanning lotion is for the summer/winter months!

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