Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely day/night.

Today I am writing this post to let you know that I finally went and bought a few things after many weeks! I am actually quite proud of myself for not spending any money and buying anything beauty related, for about a month or so.

All of these were bought together at once, except the black nail polish from Maybelline, which I bought two weeks before this haul.

  • Seche Vite: I have heard really great things about this ‘quick-dry’ top coat for nail polish. I have used it approximately 6 times and I can tell you that it doesn’t dry in 30 seconds, but give it about 2-3 minutes and you’re good to go! Price: Approximately 16,500 LBP

  • Golden Rose nail polish in #69: This is a perfect glittery gold shade! It is not streaky and very pigmented from the first nail swatch.
  • Golden Rose nail polish: For some reason this just doesn’t have a number, but anyway the colour is a kind of dark plum with pink undertones. I really like this colour! It’s one of my favourite colours out of them all.
  • Golden Rose nail polish in #24: This is a beautiful orange colour with red undertones. This just screams summer to me!
  • Golden Rose nail polish in #54: This does look a bit as the orange-red nail polish above, but this is a more coral nail polish with pink undertones.
  • Kabuki Brush: The brush was a random purchase from a random brand that I do not remember, sorry! But it is an extremely soft brush that doesn’t pick up too much product all at once. Approximately 10,000 LBP
  • Maybelline Color Show nail polish in #677 Blackout: I needed a new black nail polish, and I saw this, and picked it up instantly! I will review this nail polish very soon. Price: Approximately 3,000 LBP
  • Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme mascara + Maybelline Cils Demaso eye makeup remover 2-in-1: These two came in a packet together, and I thought I’d try them both out. I had the mascara in waterproof and I loved it, so I thought of trying this one instead. A review will be up on my blog soon about this mascara! All I can say for the eye makeup remover is wow, wow, wow. This eye makeup remover does not leave any streaks behind, and it removes everything in just an instant! Price: Approximately 25,000 LBP

All the Golden Rose nail polishes are priced at approximately 5,000 LBP. All these nail polishes chip, but they do not chip as fast as the Maybelline nail polish. For the price, I would recommend them. For the range of colours they have, I would 100% recommend this brand! But for its formula, I wouldn’t recommend it. They do have a makeup line too, I will definitely check them out soon and give you my thoughts.

Side Note: Is it just with the Golden Rose nail polishes or does anyone else notice their nail polish chips faster when Seche Vite is applied?

Let me know in the comments what are some new things you’ve bought!

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Until next time,


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