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I don’t know how many of you watch the news, or at least know what has been happening in the Middle East, specifically Lebanon. About a week ago or less, a demonstration started out in the streets of Beirut. The demonstration concentrated on the rubbish crisis occurring in Lebanon, at first. The rubbish crisis is a huge problem that started a few weeks ago, when ‘Sukleen’ (the rubbish cleaners) stopped working. All the streets of Lebanon had rubbish surrounding it, and the smell of rubbish was too overpowering. For a while, we weren’t able to open the windows of the cars, or even walk outside. To add to that, the weather was extremely hot!

Nevertheless, the demonstration continued to concentrate on how Lebanon does not have a president, or even a proper government, etc and etc. I could go on all day explaining how big and serious the demonstration is.

My thoughts on this demonstration is, yes, fight for Lebanon. Our generation should be creating demonstrations, should create this type of ‘serious’ tone to the country. These are real and huge problems that the Lebanese people and residents have to face everyday.

However, I do not agree with the way the Lebanese army and ‘police’ handled the situation. Spraying water on the public, is okay. Putting up barriers and walls is okay. What is NOT okay is to shoot people or even hit people, to assemble and calm the public down. That just makes the public even more nervous and even more rebellious. You are proving what we are demonstrating for!

I also do not agree with how some of the public started throwing things at the police to stop them. This demonstration was not meant to be disgusting, it was meant to be taken seriously.

In addition, to the ‘walls’ put up as barriers, I am glad that the public painted on them.

Some more pictures:

The rubbish bag text translation: The government is rubbish. The paper text translation: The only thing that came from you (the government in this case) is rubbish.

So guys, my question for you is, do you agree with the Lebanese public? Or do you agree with the Lebanese army? What would you do if you were there?

P.S.: I am not with or against any political party in Lebanon. Also, this was post was not written to offend or harm anyone.

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