Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely day/night.

I wanted to explain to you guys, once again, why I wasn’t able to post on Saturday as usual. But first, I want to apologize for not posting and also apologize for the many complications and events that have been occurring in my life these past few months, that wouldn’t allow me to post properly.

Many things happen that we see coming, and many other things happen that we don’t see coming. For Saturday, it was something unexpected completely. You see, I am getting a new phone very soon, so I decided to backup all my files on the phone I currently have. However, I first decided to turn it off because I did not feel like using my phone at all (don’t you sometimes get that feeling? I know I do). Half an hour later, I came to turn my phone on, and it kept restarting. The technical term for it would be known as a ‘boot loop’. It constantly kept restarting all day so I turned it off. I googled everything, asked many of my tech-know-it-all friends, youtubed everything too, and nothing was helping my phone. I thought I would ‘clear cache partition’ but I didn’t want to ruin my phone. So then, yesterday I went to get it fixed and see what its problem was. By the way, the phone is a HTC One M7.

The guy said that there might be many complications from it; it could be a software virus taken from a picture or the internet or even a music file, or it could be from the battery. Either way, I told him all I cared about were my pictures. In my pictures folder, I had many professional photos I had taken with a different camera, that were stored on my phone. Those were my pride and my work that took a lot of time. Not to mention, many different memories on those pictures that include my grandma, my friends, my vacation, and many other different things. I had that phone for two years straight! I begged him to find any solution to be able to extract my pictures. He said that he had to see if the phone screen can stay on for just five minutes without restarting, they would be able to. I hope they will be able to, and I’m sure they will! *always think positive*

All in all, these few days got me worried thinking about my pictures and my memories in it and trying to calm myself down, because at the end of the day, they are my hard work. In the midst of the panicking and trying to solve the problem, I forgot to post on Saturday.

So I decided you guys needed an explanation, and here it is.

Also, I start university back again next week and I am taking many courses (much more than before), so I want to be able to have time to post here, but also have free time for myself, and have time to study. So the new schedule starting from next week will be Tuesday & Thursday at 19:30 GMT+3.

Leave me any comments down below of suggestions for blog posts. I really want to write more and incorporate and try new things!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram & Twitter. I am trying to post on these apps a bit more than before.


Until next time,

P.S.: Any ideas for a new theme? Or any ideas on how to make my theme livelier?



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