Picture taken from http://yalibnan.com/2015/10/13/valerie-abu-chacra-elected-miss-lebanon-2015-at-casino-du-liban/

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely day/night.

Monday night was the night of Miss Lebanon 2015 elections. It was a bit later than usual this year, but nevertheless it still happened.

A few things I noticed in this year’s pageant:

  1. None of the girls were extremely beautiful. I am not being judgemental, I am not being rude, but this is a pageant for beauty & intelligence, and compared to other countries,  none of these girls were extremely beautiful. Of course this can change from opinion to opinion, I am just stating facts and what everyone thinks.
  2. The questions asked by the judges, were as per usual, irrelevant. They are always the same questions! Haven’t you ever heard of asking proper and intelligent questions that actually challenge the girls and help support the girls’ personalities?
  3. What was up with Miss Lebanon crying before the results were out? Was that just nerves, happiness, or because she ‘predicted‘ she was gonna win?
  4. Why is every Miss Lebanon the same nearly every year? Brunette and tanned. Lebanese women aren’t all brunettes or tanned. We have different coloured skin. We have different coloured hair.
  5. I know both Cynthia Samuel (1st runner up tie) and Melissa Jabbour, and have met them before. I have no idea when Cynthia learnt such good arabic or when Melissa’s personality turned her into a winner of Miss Personality. Still, I’m proud of both of them. Both looked beautiful, as did all the contestants.
    From left to right: Valerie Abou Chacra, Josline Mosleh, and Cynthia Samuel. Picture taken from thedailystar.com.lb

    From left to right: Marianne Sbeity, Melissa Jabbour, Nadine Zoghbi, Nour Nasrallah, Pamela Elia.
  6. My personal favourites were Nour Nasrallah and Valerie Abou Chacra.
  7. Dima Sadek looked stunning in Zuhair Mrad’s dresses. But she wasn’t supposed to translate. There should’ve been a professional translator.
    Picture taken from https://instagram.com/dimdamdom1/
    Picture taken from https://instagram.com/dimdamdom1/

    8. Nadine Njeim (Miss Lebanon 2004) looked stunning too!

    Picture taken from https://instagram.com/nadine.nassib.njeim/
Picture taken from https://instagram.com/nadine.nassib.njeim/

Valerie Abou Chacra, Miss Lebanon 2015:

Picture taken from thedailystar.com.lb
Picture taken from thedailystar.com.lb

All in all, the contestants were beautiful, each in their own way. But maybe next time, we can elect a president?

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