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Yesterday, on the evening of Beirut’s streets, twin suicide bombs were blasted in the location of Berej El Brajneh. Approximately 40+ people died, and over 130 people were injured. All schools and universities were closed today (Friday 13th), to mourn over Lebanon’s losses.

According to The Daily Star, this was the bloodiest bombing in Beirut over two years. The Daily Star also stated that, “The army said the attack was carried out by two suicide bombers, and that the body of a third who failed to detonate his explosive device was found at the scene of the second blast.”
*The following pictures may not be suitable for all audiences. They may be gruesome for some as they do contain blood.*

My condolences for all who lost someone during the bombing yesterday. I hope the injured will get much better.

If you would like to read the events in detail, check out some of these links:

  1. Authorities to hand over bodies of loved ones to mourning families
  2. Lebanon mourns ISIS twin blast victims
  3. Twin suicide blasts claimed by ISIS kill 43 in south Beirut suburb

*All pictures were taken from The Daily Star.*

*This post was written without any opinion of political parties. I do not lean towards any political party.*

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