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Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely day/night.

I thought I’d share with you today a poem my mother wrote. The poem is about Valentine’s Day. She wrote it in Arabic but I also translated it in English the best I could (since some Arabic phrases differ a lot from English phrases). I hope you enjoy! 🙂

ماذا اهديك في عيد الحب يا حبيبتي

وردة حمراء سكرى من خمرة الحب

وردتي ليست ذابلة بل عالية متشامخة

اسقيها من دمي وروحي وقلبي

لا اقطفها بل ادللها و اغانجها

حتى لا يقصفها الهواء فيرميها ورقة ورقة

فيا ايها العاشق اسقِ وردتك

و لا تتركها حتى لا تاتي يد

فتقطفها منك عندها لن تجدها

فترحل مع اول نزول المطر و رعد السماء

كل عيد حب و انت بخير يا وردتي

What can I offer you on Valentine’s Day, my darling

A red rose, drunken from love wine

My rose isn’t withered

Yet, it is tall and proud.

I water it with my blood, soul, and heart,

I do not pick it.

But I spoil her, and flirt with her

So that the wind does not rip it off,

Petal by petal.

So, you lover,

Water your rose,

Don’t leave it, so that a hand does not come and take it from you,

Otherwise it will leave with the first raindrop and lightning bolt of the sky.

Every Valentine’s Day, stay well my rose.

– L.E


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Until next time,

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