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Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely day/night.

Can we just all look at this stunning packaging before anything else? A moment of silence for this gorgeous packaging.

*moment done*

So, yesterday I found this lipstick in my makeup bag and I tried to remember where I had bought it from. Then it clicked! A few months ago I had bought it from a small drugstore shop we have in corners around the streets in Lebanon. I thought I’d share my experience with you and review this lipstick, in case you can find it anywhere else.

The brand is known as ‘Markt Mekyach‘ which I have never heard of. It sounds Turkish? I might be wrong, so don’t quote me.

Anyway, it claims to be a matte lipstick, and it is quite matte. It does stay on for a while, and on the lips it is beautiful because it is smooth and doesn’t emphasize your lines.

To be honest, though, I don’t remember why I decided on the colour red but I’m sure it’s because I wanted a change from my other red lipsticks. The red colour of it has quite a blue undertone to it which I love because it makes my teeth even whiter (it looks like it has an orange undertone in the picture underneath, though)!

The only problem I have with this lipstick is that it does transfer. So, for example, if you’re drinking or eating, you can see the lipstick stains afterward. But it still is a great lipstick, and for the price it is absolutely amazing. Its price was approximately five dollars, maybe? I apologize but I really don’t remember!



Let me know what your thoughts are, and if you’ve ever bought anything from brands you haven’t heard of!

Before I end this post, I just want to say I am extremely sorry for every single person who has a lost a member from the Orlando shooting. Also, rest in peace to all the beautiful souls who were murdered, rest in peace to Christina Grimmie as well. Stay safe, everyone, whether you’re in Los Angeles, Beirut, or anywhere else in the world. Be you, always, don’t be afraid of being yourself in a world that wants to kick you down and stop you from being you.

Love always wins, it always wins. 🙂 


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Until next time,

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