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Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely day/night.

I thought of including this small and short post this week, because I’m quite happy tonight! I’m happy that I am finally done with my final exams. Finallllyyy !

So, I thought I’d tell you guys what my plans are for this summer. First, I want to point out that this summer is all about me, myself and I. I want to focus on myself as much as possible. I definitely want to hit the gym back again, eat much healthier, and just take care of myself, as well as, look and feel amazing.

The second thing I plan to do is to take advantage of my free time and focus on my hobbies, interests, and passions. Some of them include, reading and writing, painting and photographing. I especially love painting and taking photos. I really want to expand my talent this summer and explore different types of art.

A third thing is I want to spend the summer with my dog. I have a few months to make the best of it with him! Wait, did I forget to mention that this summer I am not enrolled in classes? Praise be to God, man. I swear I need this. I decided to take this summer off because I’ve been too stressed out and tired recently, and really, I need to focus on myself.

That’s basically it, so far. It might seem kind of boring for some of you, but for me it’s absolutely perfect.

What are your thoughts for this summer? Any plans? Are you travelling somewhere tropical? Let me know in the comments down below. I’m quite curious about your plans 😉


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Until next time,

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